NACE Inspection

NACE Inspection is a worldwide authority on corrosion tankproinc Alabama. Founded in 1943, it’s goal is to protect people, assets, and the environment from harmful corrosion. In the course of their work, NACE Inspectors assess the condition of metal and plastic components. NACE inspectors have a variety of certifications, including NACE CIP Level 1 and NACE CIP Level 2.

To achieve certification, a coatings inspector must have extensive knowledge of the coatings he or she inspects. This is because NACE Inspectors must follow high standards of professionalism. As a result, they provide superior quality control for coating projects. Certifications are offered at three levels, each of which requires exceptional knowledge of coatings and related topics.

NACE inspectors evaluate coatings on a wide variety of structures, including pipelines, tanks, refineries, and military installations. They also inspect marine structures and shipyard structures. Additionally, NACE inspectors inspect underground structures. These structures may not be visible to the public and may take longer to detect problems.

To become a NACE inspector, you must complete a training course. This course is a comprehensive introduction to the science and practice of coating inspection. After passing the exam, you can work as an inspector in a NACE-certified inspection firm.

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