Preschool children sleeping mats spend hours of their day sitting on the floor of their classrooms, not being able to roll over, to try to get comfortable. This is when these special matting sets are so helpful. They allow a child to have the same comfort as they would if they were lying in their own bed at night.

Sleep mats are very helpful because they keep children from slipping or falling. You can roll the mat under the mattress or under your bedding to keep your child safe and comfortable. Pre-school children often have rough surfaces, such as floors, so that they have an easier time rolling on the ground. A great benefit of using these sleeping mats is that they make it very easy for children to roll out of bed without waking up the entire household. Some pre-schoolers will wake up two or three times each day, in order to roll out of bed, then they have to go back to bed. These sleeping mats keep them from having to do this. It is amazing just how many accidents there are with young children rolling off the floor each day!

Most of the mats designed for pre-school children are made of foam or rubber, making it very durable. These mats are washable, unlike normal sheets or blankets. You can roll the mat under your bedding or place it in your closet to keep it in good shape. These mats are available in a wide variety of colors and themes, allowing you to match the mat to the decor of your child’s room.

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