As you may already know, moisture is a real problem for your home’s exterior in Nashville TN | encapsulation contractors. But there are also many other types of pollutants that could enter the atmosphere through the cracks and crevices in your home. Not only can moisture cause mold and mildew to grow in your home, but it can also seep into the air, where it can damage your lungs and eventually trigger asthma attacks. It’s important that you take action to protect your home from all those pollutants because, without them, your home could be at risk of fire.

Crawl space vapor barriers actually make a tremendous difference in the level of protection you get for your home. This type of vapor barrier has the ability to cut down on the amount of moisture in your home by up to 75% in certain areas. In fact, many building codes now allow for significant reductions in the level of ventilation necessary for a typical crawl room. Instead of a single square foot per 500 square feet of room, a typical crawl room with a vapor barrier just needs one square foot per 1,000 square feet of room – a ninety percent reduction.

Unfortunately, most building codes don’t require that vapor barriers have to be installed completely sealed to work well. That means the gaps between your barrier and your home can still allow moisture to seep in. If this happens, you’ll have to replace your barrier before it has a chance to make a dent in the moisture. The good news is that by installing a high-quality vapor barrier, your home will stay dry and safe, regardless of what type of moisture exists in your basement.

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